TITLE “Fenrir”
CREDITS Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Alice Dieudonné, Aymeric Kevin and Ulysse Malassagne

SYNOPSIS  "Asleep for millennia between the roots of the ancestral tree Yggdrasil, the fearful wolf Fenrir is awakened by the rays of the Sun. Enraged, he frees himself from his bonds and climbing the tree. At the top, it attacks the sun, without realizing that behind him, a mysterious hero appears.."

The Dam Keeper

TITLE “The Dam Keeper”
CREDITS Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi

SYNOPSIS  "Pig does everything he can to protect his town but nobody shows any gratitude. He trots tirelessly up and down the stairs, moving heavy levers and making sure the windmill keeps turning. This is the only way he can hold back the billowing black clouds of smoke which threaten to engulf everything. In between all of this, Pig rushes to school before hurrying back to the dam each day. Everything begins to change when Fox, a new classmate, joins Pig’s class.."

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