Art of Ai Shite Knight

Ai Shite Knight is an animation series produced by Toei Animation and directed by Osamu Kasai in 1983. The anime was based on the homonym manga series written and illustrated by Kaoru Tada. The pictures on this page are a collection of artworks created for this series and for the manga.


Yaeko "Yakko" Mitamura, an 18-year-old girl working in her father's Okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka. One day Yakko casually meets a little boy, Hashizo, and his odd cat Juliano. Hashizo has lost both parents when still a baby and has been brought up by his elder brother. Hashizo's brother Go Kato is the lead singer of the emerging rock band "Bee Hive". When Yakko meets Go and his friend and "Bee Hive" member Satomi Okawa an unexpected series of events and a tangled romance unfolds.