Art of Treasure Planet (part 1)

Treasure Planet is an animation movie produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and co-directed by Ron Clements and John Musker in 2002. The film is a science fiction adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel Treasure Island . The pictures on this page are a collection of artworks created for this movie.


Jim Hawkins is a rebellious teenager seen by the world as a slacker with no future. Even Jim fails to see what good could come from his life until one fateful night a dying pirate give him the map to all of his dreams, the legendary  "Loot of a Thousand Worlds" of Captain Nathaniel Flint. As his journey into space aboard a ship of unsavoury characters begins, Jim finds a mentor in the crew's cook, a cyborg named John Silver. However, his trust in this new friend proves to be hazardous as they grow ever closer to Treasure Planet..