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CG Master Academy, the leading online art school, prides itself on being the educational resource for digital artists.  Registration for the Summer term has begun and is packed with rich content, with over 70 courses in entertainment design disciplines, tailored for artists of all skill levels. New courses and instructors are added frequently to ensure students have the opportunity to learn the skills that are in-demand for today’s artists. CGMA recently added their new “Studio” courses which give students a more in-depth, production approach to certain topics. 

The Curriculum Development team has been working hard to provide students with the best and relevant education in our industry and this term’s lineup is a testament of that.


Interactive online training from leading artists

These programs are taught by leading illustrators and concept artists, including Aaron Limonick, Peter Han, Marco Nelor, Michael Kus, Charles Lee, Armand Serrano, Ahmed Aldoori,Tyler Edlin, and Ron Lemen—to name a few. Courses run from 6-10 weeks, leading up to a certificate of completion. Most of the courses cost $699.

Payment Plan 

Even though CGMA provides these courses at the most affordable prices there is an amazing payment plan that will allow students to break up the cost of the courses into multiple payments.


Modules are arranged in weekly segments, each comprising a video lecture; an assignment with individual feedback from the instructor, including paint-overs; and a live Q&A session each week. The high-quality art education is CGMA provides is available to students anywhere in the world. 


Art Programs

As Summer registration is underway, CGMA is proud to present its revamped Programs and new additions the “Studio courses.” The development of these programs is in line with CGMA’s vision of providing quality and affordable mentored education to aspiring artists around the world. Each program has been crafted by industry professionals and recruiters from major studios to ensure a consistency with industry standards and practices. These programs don’t just cater to students, hobbyist and aspiring artists but they also cater to professionals looking to sharpen their skills or develop new ones.

Character Arts

Character design is at the core of any project in entertainment. This ranges from motion pictures and feature animation, to video games and children books. Our program dives deeper into understanding the true nature of the character creation process. Students will be shown how to create convincing character types that also fit believably within a given narrative/world (whether they be stylized characters, realistic looking soldiers, or alien creatures).

Environment Arts

The Environment Design Program is specifically designed to help prepare you for the role of Environment Concept Artists. Whether for the film, game, or animation industry, an environment artist draws on his/her imagination to create worlds that are believable and full of life and wonder. The series will begin easily enough with classes focused on understanding the many different types of environments with courses such as Fundamentals of Architecture Design before really pushing your imagination in more advanced classes- such as Environment Design 2 and Matte Painting -where you further develop a focused eye on the intricacies of environment design. 

Foundation & Design

Foundation and Design Arts - In order to establish and maintain a career in Entertainment Design, an artist first needs to have a solid understanding of the field's core principles, tools, and techniques. CGMA's Foundation & Design Program was created with this understanding at heart. It combines over ten distinct disciplines into a single comprehensive learning experience. 

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2D Academy (Foundation and Design Program, Character Design Program, and Environment Design program)
3D Academy (3D Character Arts Program, 3D Environment Arts program)
CGWorkshops (Character Rigging, Houdini and FX, Compositing, Animation, Matte Painting, Previs)