Over the years, CGMA has helped mold some of the most creative and tenacious artists to enter the field of entertainment design. It is only right that they showcase art from the individuals who dedicated themselves to becoming better artists. As each term passes, we take a look back at the work produced by the students not to just admire the imagery, but to appreciate their instructors for everything they do for them. 

This is why CGMA maintains a collaborative space for individuals to construct and enhance their ideas through personal mentoring from experts in the field. Everything from the course list to the instructors is meticulously vetted to ensure that students will be well-equipped to enter the field confidently. 

CGMA believes talent isn’t defined by a degree or a grade. It’s defined by the commitment to the craft and the understanding that it is limitless. Take a look at their Spring term Student Gallery and check out the course list for the upcoming term. Registration is currently open and payment plans are available. 

Student Galleries

Click on the respective thumbnails featured below to discover the latests student artworks!

Foundation & Design Program


Environment Design Program


Character Design Program