Fall Registration for CGMA is Open!

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Registration for the leading online art school, CG Master Academy, has opened for the Fall term. CGMA gives artists access to some of the industry’s most influential masters with a single click. Very tuned into industry demands and trends, every instructor and course is carefully selected and built to give each student the tools they need to stand out in the industry. Register today for a wide range of courses from concept art classes to VFX courses, CGMA is truly leading the way in affordable and accessible digital art education. 

CGMA is known for having the most affordable prices for arts education out there, with payment plans available and classes starting at $699. However, they are also making their mark as the premiere destination for mentored online art education around the world. 




This mentorship will be focused on guiding students through the understanding and creation of good compositions, based on different techniques and applied in different ways depending on the theme and style of each work. Apart from color, light and shape, students will talk about how to take advantage of our camera view, the characters in our images, the context of the action, etc.


The best illustrators in entertainment inject a sense of gravity, mood, and energy which draws consumers and players into the world the art portrays. This course focuses on the skills essential to good image-making, and also on those skills which elevate an illustration to the next tier of professionalism.


This class is designed to get you up and running with Adobe Photoshop! Students will explore the basic yet powerful features of the application while also discovering the numerous possibilities of its digital tools.


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Also, should you have any questions or concerns about this notification or any other registration related questions (including how to get a portfolio review for course placement purposes), get connected with Admissions:

Phone: 818.561.9542

Email: registration@cgmasteracademy.com