CGMA 2019 Spring Student Gallery

CGMA’s 2019 Spring Student Showcase is here! The academy’s commitment to providing quality arts education by facilitating over 100 courses taught by the industry's leading artists, has been motivating artists to improve their skills for almost 10 years. Their curriculum focuses on the most relevant industry techniques. This means artists serious about equipping themselves with the skills they need for success choose them to help make that happen.


With updated content and an impressive roster of instructors, along with many ways to pay, CGMA remains the leader in digital arts education.

Their Student Showcase represents the most recent and best artwork coming from CGMA students. The work that follows represents what can happen when artists get one-on-one feedback and guidance from the industry’s best. Registration is already open for the 2019 Summer term, with individual payment plans available for each course.

Get in touch now to discuss registration, find out more, or make a portfolio review request - either via email at or by phone on (818) 561 9542.


Student Galleries

Check the artworks of the Fall Term's CGMA students! Click on the classes' names listed below to see all the artworks and learn how to join in.


Drawing Design Foundation

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ANIMAL Anatomy

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Environment DEsign

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Character Design 



Color & Light

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