The Art of Black Panther, by CGMA Instructors

Four CGMA instructors have had the pleasure of being a part of the production for this year’s record-breaking film, Black Panther, grossing over $700M by its 2nd weekend. As a digital art school, CGMA works tirelessly to make sure they're recruiting the very best artists. With the success of Black Panther, we're proud to see their instructor's names in the credits.

The quality of education they provide can be seen in multiple games and films, because the curriculum crafted for each course is based on what digital artists need to know now.

Their students learn what the master artists practice and produce every day. Being able to speak one-on-one with lead artists at studios like ILM, Marvel, Dreamworks, Blizzard Ent., is invaluable and we love to see you all take advantage these learning and career development opportunities.

We'd like to congratulate Marco Nelor, Jerad Marantz, Igor Startisin, and Alexander Mandradjiev on an amazing job working on Black Panther. We encourage everyone to take a look at some of the art from the movie below, also check out the courses open for Spring registration now. Develop the skills you need to enter the industry well-equipped to pursue the career you love.

If you have any questions regarding registration or portfolio review requests, please contact the CGMA Admissions department here: or call by phone at (818) – 561 – 9542.




  • Cinematic Illustrator



  • Concept Artist


IGOR STARTISIN (Method Studios)

  • Lead Concept Designer, Matte Painter



  • Concept Artist