The Blue & the Beyond

TITLE “The Blue & the Beyond”
CREDITS Youri Dekker
STUDIO/SCHOOL San Jose State University, in association with the Shrunkenheadman Club.

The Blue & the Beyond is the story of a young, imaginative man named Charlie, who is searching to find someone like him in a world where he is different in every way.

Directed by: Youri Dekker
Produced by: Samia Khalaf & Kimberly Mucha
Story by: Jonathan Apilado, Youri Dekker, Diem Doan, Ryan Eways, Samia Khalaf, Grace Lacuesta, Kimberly Mucha, Catharina Sukiman, Edric Yamamoto, & Nicki Yee
Layout Lead: Geoff Nakanishi
Character Design Lead: Ryan Eways
Set Design:Grace Lacuesta
Visual Development Leads: Jonathan Apilado, Diem Doan, & Jasmine Truong
Supervising Animators: Kimberly Mucha, Nicki Yee, & Youri Dekker
Lead Animators: Ryan Eways, Rebecca Chan, Ariana Barton, & Casey Straka
Ink & Color Supervisor: Samia Khalaf
Ink & Color Leads: Annie Hsu & Danielle Case
Compositing Lead: Alvin Concepcion
Musical Score by: Megan Carnes