Tome of the Unknown

TITLE “Tome of the Unknown” by Patrick McHale*
STUDIO/SCHOOL Cartoon Network

In a large forest simply called the "Unknown," Wirt and his brother Gregory walk with Beatrice, a bluebird who has gained the ability to speak. The three are on their way to the big city, in search of a book titled The Tome of the Unknown, which – according to legend – contains every forgotten thing. When their legs tire, Greg suggests they ride a goose, but Wirt doubts they could find one big enough to carry them, thus Greg wanders off and discovers a car that is made from vegetables, which both fascinates and confuses Wirt. The car's owner, John Crops, is likewise a vegetable humanoid. Crops wallows over his loneliness, wishing like the others to go the metropolitan area. Wirt offers, in exchange for Crops letting them keep the car, to drive Crops to the city, where he can hopefully find a soulmate..