Winners of the “Master Chef” Challenge

Congratulations to Seong A Kwon (a.k.a Seonga Seonga), Michael Dashow, Remus Brezeanu (a.k.a Rem Broo) and to Damian Buzugbethe Special Guest Juror’s Choice this month! Thank you so much to ALL the artists of our community who have submitted their work for this challenge, to Carlos Grangel for accepting to be our juror this month, and to Character Design Quarterly, the official partner of the CDChallenge, which makes this project possible.

Special Guest Juror's Message


Carlos Grangel

Congratulation to all the artists who have participated in this challenge!

After long hours of reviewing beautiful artworks, I've finally chosen the artwork submitted by the talented Damian Buzugbe. I love the staging of the piece, the design, the shape and the colour choice. I find particularly appealing the way he portrays his chef while meditating, concentrated before starting the job, with all the knives “troops” in formation before the battle.

Well done Damian.

- Carlos Grangel


Character Design Quarterly

This challenge is presented by Character Design Quarterly, the Official Partner of CDChallenge.

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