Winners of the “Post-Apocalyptic Survivor” Challenge

Congratulations to Franz Hofmann, Daniel Nikoj Djanie, Pauline Champetier and to Bernard Malijanthe Special Guest Juror’s Choice this month! Thank  you so much to ALL the artists of our community who have submitted their work for this challenge, to Jeff Merghart (read his message below) for accepting to be our juror this month, and to Character Design Quarterly, the official partner of the CDChallenge, which makes this project possible.

Special Guest Juror's Message


Jeff Merghart

Oh man!! First of all thank you for asking me to participate in your challenge! I love this community and being a guest juror is truly an honor!

This was HARD! So many great pieces of art! I was looking for pieces that not only captured the theme, Post Apocalyptic Survivor, but also did it in a clever or original way. If they were more generic or cliche, they needed to be that that much better drawn or painted. Overall I wanted to see a clear, well drawn/painted composition that was interesting, appealing, with a good ratio of personality and creativity. Some made me laugh and some were technically beautiful and some were extremely creative, some others had beautiful messages and technique. However, this is a character design challenge and in the end, I could only choose one and his name is... Bernard Malijan!

It was so close between so many, but his had the right amount of whimsy, story potential and appeal in design as well being well drawn and composed. There were others that were more bold and maybe more visually interesting, but they were perhaps things we've seen already. Bernard's character design is visually interesting, appealing and has more story potential than your average post-apocalyptic survivor.

Congratulations Bernard, and all of the other participants who made this so difficult and wonderful  for me :)

- Jeff Merghart


Character Design Quarterly

This challenge is presented by Character Design Quarterly, the Official Partner of CDChallenge.

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