Winners of the “Carnival of Venice” Challenge

Congratulations to Tanner Wilson‎, Quentin Castel‎Kim Il Kwang‎ and to Cécile de Gantèsthe Special Guest Juror’s Choices this month! Thank you so much to ALL the artists of our community who have submitted their work for this challenge, to Chris Ayer for accepting to be our juror this month, and to Character Design Quarterly, the official partner of the CDChallenge, which makes this project possible.

Special Guest Juror's Message

Simply wow. I was blown away by the sheer volume, immense creativity, and overall quality of the submissions to this month's challenge. And what a "challenge" it was...for me, the guest juror, that is! It was indeed a daunting task to select just one image out of the 1000+ submissions and, truth be told, I could have selected any one of a few dozen as the Juror's Choice and still be able to sleep soundly at night.

However, the powers that be are demanding me to choose only one—lest I be handed over to the dark spirits and shadow denizens of the Carnival mystique—so, without further ado, I choose Cécile de Gantès's "Queen of the Carnival." It is a great combination of ideation and execution. I kept coming back to its vibrant colors, thoughtful details, stylized anatomy, flowing composition, and sense of life. I have never been to Carnival, but this is what I hope it would be like. Congratulations, Cécile. Bellisima!

And congratulations to all of you who entered. As we all know, life gets busy. To make the effort to be a part of this global community, whether by sharing your creations or even by just offering constructive criticism and words of encouragement, is something truly special. Keep up the amazing work everyone!

- Chris Ayer


Character Design Quarterly

This challenge is presented by Character Design Quarterly, the Official Partner of CDChallenge.

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