Younhyung Roger Ku 구윤형‎



THEME          Gladiators

AWARD         Brian Ajhar's Choice

ARTIST           Younhyung Roger Ku 구윤형‎

COUNTRY     South Korea


A message from our Special Guest Juror:

I have been honored to be the Guest Juror of the Character Design Challenge this month.. There were over a thousand entries submitted for the "Gladiator" theme. I loved the variety of designs and wished there would have been 50 first place awards given to all the deserving and talented artists. I struggled greatly to narrow down the 1000 plus designs to 100, then 50. When I got to 30 and then 15, I finally began to look deeper at the characters personality and how it defines them as a gladiator.

While studying the characters I began seeing the attitudes and gesture of each and the stronger designs began to make me wonder about the story behind the characters personality. The final 10 in my group had a very strong story element that began to separate from the others. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated in the "Gladiator" Challenge. This experience was energetic, competitive and awe-inspiring and seeing all of the extreme talent out there was truly humbling. Bravo to you all for a great job and congrats to my choice 구윤형‎ for his great character! - Brian Ajhar