This is all you need to know about the Character Design Challenge. You don't have to read this entire page, just keep the 5 basic rules in mind (see below) You can come back here in case you have any doubt, in 99% of the cases you will be able to find your answer here without waiting for an answer in the group.

Each challenge has also specific guidelines, so don't forget to read the current Theme of the Month page later.

The following list is a content overview of this page:


  • The 5 basic rules
  • What is OK and what is not OK
  • Old designs
  • Alternative media (3D, maquettes, etc.)
  • Facebook ''Likes'' & Tumblr Blog
  • Credits and Watermarks
  • Wips, Props and Gifs
  • Missing the deadline
  • Block on comments
  • Spammers


  • Things to remember before submitting
  • Uploading vs. sharing from your page
  • Upload your design: Step by step


  • Critiques
  • Abusive behaviour & Art Hecklers
  • Group Jumpers
  • Community spirit

The 5 Basic Rules

These are the 5 basic rules for the Character Design Challenge:


This is our number one rule! Please remember that your design MUST match the theme. 

Originality and “thinking outside the box” is always encouraged and we love creativity, but If your interpretation is way too eccentric or you twist the concept until the theme is unrecognisable, it will have no interest for us or the other artists of the community and your work will not be relevant for the challenge.


This is our rule number two. Remember that your submission must be within the boundaries of character design. A few minor elements next to your character are fine, but this isn’t an illustration contest, so please avoid to draw or paint any complicated background. Your main focus is to design your character (the outfit, the silhouette, the gestures..) and make sure we can clearly see it. If you find yourself using perspective or foreshortening in your design, you are probably going in the wrong direction.


The rule number three is probably the most common mistake made by new members. Your design must include a full figure of a character. Not just the head, not just the head and torso, we want to see the entire character. There are only 3 exceptions for this rule:

  • If minor elements* (such as grass, dust, a long vest, etch.) cut or cover a small portion of your character, your entry will still be ok. 
  • If your character is driving a vehicle: in this case head, torso and arms could potentially still be ok (please make sure to read the section about vehicles below).
  • If only one single limb is out of frame (a hand, a foot etch.) 

*Examples of minor elements: A knight with his feet in a puddle, a giant with a crowd of small additional characters covering his feet, a victorian lady wearing a long dress that doesn't make possible to see her shoes)


The rule number four is also really important: Create only ONE SINGLE CHARACTER based on the theme. If you think it is necessary to deliver your idea, you can still draw additional characters or creatures* (like a sidekick or a pet) but please make sure we can clearly see who is your main character for the challenge. Keep in mind that if your design includes more than one character based on the theme, your entry for the challenge will be considered as a “line up” of characters, which is against the rules. We also suggest you not to make the additional character or creature overshadow (in size) your main character. 

*Examples of additional characters/creatures: a pirate with his parrot, a knight with his squire, a witch with her cat, a troll with insects flying around him, etch.


Rule number five: you can post only a single design** for each monthly challenge, make it count!
You have (more or less) 25 days to work on the design of a character, so please make sure you are 100% done with your creation before posting it in the group. 

Props designs (gadgets, weapons, alternative outfits) and wips (painting process videos, gifs or sheets) or any other further exploratory designs for your character can be also shared in the group, but exclusively in the comment section of your final entry (see ''Wips, props and gifs'' below). 

**Important if you want to withdraw your entry for the monthly challenge and replace it with a new one, you need to get in touch with us first and tell us what is the issue with your previous design. Having ''a new idea'' or ''not being satisfied with the previous submission'' are not considered acceptable requests, the entries for the challenge can be replaced only if there's a technical issue with them. Replace your design without our permission, or posting more than 1 monthly entry in the group will lead to a permanent ban from the group, so please be  very careful. You can contact us HERE We will only reply if the request is considered acceptable. 

WHAT IS OK and what is not ok


The 5 basic rules for the CDChallenge are more or less all you need to know for posting a design correctly in our group, but maybe you still have some doubts. That's why we have created this helpful list for you: the first part is contains examples of what is actually OK to post in the group, and the second part is about things that are NOT OK.

Here`s a list of what is OK to post in the group:

  • OK A full figure of a character  
  • OK A turn-around sheet with a full figure
  • OK A full figure + expressions (in a single image)  
  • OK A poses sheet (in a single image)  
  • OK Any kind of model sheet that includes a full figure is basically a good entry  
  • OK Redesigning an already existing character in your own style is usually a good entry  
  • OK Using digital or traditional media  
  • OK Coloured or black and white artworks  
  • OK Your character riding a vehicle* or a creature (please read below)  

*If your character is driving a vehicle or a creature, it is OK, but we highly suggest to take its size into consideration. Make sure we can clearly see the most important thing: the character. If the vehicle covers the legs of your character, you need to make sure that the remaining half of the body (torso, head, arms) are clearly visible. We also highly suggest you to show the entire vehicle (or creature) in your artwork, so that we can better appreciate the silhouette of your creation.

Now, let’s see a list of what is actually NOT OK to post in the group:

  • NOT OK Only the head of a character  
  • NOT OK Only the head and torso of a character 
  • NOT OK Line up of multiple characters based on the same theme  
  • NOT OK Pornography in your design is not welcome  
  • NOT OK Caricatures and portraits  
  • NOT OK Tracing or copying characters by another artist is obviously not a good idea  
  • NOT OK Extreme gore and violence in your design  
  • NOT OK Racist, political or religious messages in your design are definitely out of place here  
  • NOT OK Explicit Nudity. Since the group is on Facebook, try to avoid explicit nudity (genitals, etch.) in your design  


Old designs that perfectly match the current theme are still relevant for us and the community and can be posted in the group. When you upload your work you need to let us know that your entry is an old design and wasn't created specifically for the challenge, therefore your work won't be considered to be reviewed as a possible Winner of the Challenge or as a possible Special Guest Juror's Choice.

Note: Old designs will be approved in the group exclusively if their execution is within the rules and when they portray exactly what the Theme of the Month ask for.

Alternative media (3D model, maquettes..)

Please remember that the CDChallenge is a community and a contest open exclusively for 2D artists. You can only submit a 3d model, a picture of a sculpture or a maquette, an animation pencil test of a character (both  as a GIF or as a video) or a comic strip ONLY as an additional entry based on an original design. Same goes for photo manipulation, photo-bashing and collage. You need to draw/paint an original 2D artwork first and only then post your additional artwork in an alternative media in the comment section of your an original character design entry. You can also team up with another artist who is already a member of the group to create an additional artwork. Collaborations do not make your work stand out from other entries, but if you are here to challenge yourself, this can be an amazing exercise. 

Note: Flat paper cutting is considered an exception to this rule, since it's basically a normal 2D artwork.

Facebook Likes & TUMBLR BLOG

Facebook ''likes'' and ''reactions'' do not increase your chances of becoming a Winner of the Challenge. The winning artworks are select for their aesthetic and storytelling, a design that has gained only a few likes has the same chances of becoming a winner as one with hundreds or thousands of likes. We only take the ''likes'' into consideration when we create the queue for the daily posts of The Challenge Logbook, the official blog of the challenge on Tumblr.

Be featured on our Tumblr blog is not a way of getting extra exposure for your design only, but it promotes the work of the community as a whole. The daily posts in fact, contains multiple designs and redirects exclusively to the main group, so please make sure to apply a small watermark on your design before submitting your work in the Facebook group (please read more below). The ''likes'' therefore, are considered by us as as a democratic way for the members to point out the designs that best represent the work of the entire community.

The Challenge Logbook posts are a way to drive attention to ALL the artists of the community, especially the less experienced ones who struggle more to have their art noticed online. This policy also prevent the annoying scenario of having members asking to their family, friends or other people not genuinely interested to the CDChallenge to like their work, which is unfortunately a very common practice on Facebook groups that consider ''likes'' as a voting method.


We highly recommend to credit the work you share in the group. This is very important, because we invite hundreds of our followers from Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr to visit the group and discover new talents, every day. Make sure to to add the links to your website (and blog, Facebook page, online store, Patreon page, portfolio), in the caption or in the comment section of your own post. If you don’t have a blog, you can also share your email address or just your name.

Another important tip is to apply a small watermark directly on your design, with your name or the URL of your website. Don't make it too big and don't place it in the middle of your design, just add something small on the side. This way your work will always be traceable and your credit will never be missed.

We highly suggest to develop these habits in general, not only for the challenge.

WIPS, Props and GIFs

WIPS (Work in progress) and any other kind of material related to the character you have created for the challenge (minor updates about your original entry, additional characters based on the current theme, animated gifs, close up, props design, alternative outfits etch.), can be posted in the group, but only in the comment section of your OWN post. You can redirect the members of the group to your blog with a link or post a picture directly.

Remember that a full figure of a character based on the current theme is the only design that you can post in the group each month. To post another a main entry in the group, you need to wait for the next challenge.

Missing the deadline

Keep in mind that the deadline is always the 2nd day of the month (at 11:59 p.M. Gmt + 0:00, Dublin time) and if you miss it, you obviously also miss the opportunity to participate in the challenge. You will still have 5 days to share your artwork with the community but, for organisational purposes, your design won’t be approved in the group until the 7th of the month, a day after the winners will be announced on our pages and the new theme will be released in the group.  


Please remember that at the beginning of a new challenge we usually blocked the comments on many of the posts that features designs based on the previous challenge theme. We do this in order to keep the new designs for the current challenge on top of the group wall. If you want to get in touch with an artist who has the comments blocked on their work, please just follow the link for the website provided in the comment section of the post (or try to contact directly the Facebook profile associated with it).


Please make sure to post only your design for the challenge in the group, nothing more. 

Don't post any other kind of link as a main entry, even if it’s supposed to be “character design related”. Members who will attempt to spam the group feeds with third party ads, inappropriate material or with contents that have nothing to do with the challenge will be banned immediately. You have been warned, no exceptions.


Things to remember Before submitting

  • POST only ONE entry (1 single picture) for each monthly challenge
  • DO NOT create an album in the group (albums will be deleted)
  • DO NOT upload a file in the group (members and visitors can’t see your work)


Please DO NOT share a direct link from your Facebook page.

We obviously want you to promote your work in the group, and you can share as many links as you want (your blog, Facebook page, online store, portfolio, Patreon page, etc.) but make sure to share those links in the caption of your post. If you share a post directly from your Facebook page, your design will not be recorded and saved in the photos folder of the group. Instead, it will soon get lost in the group feeds, due to the number of daily entries from other artists. Our team and the Special Guest Juror select the winning artworks from the photos folder, so please make sure we can find your artwork in there.

If you want your fans to support your entry for the challenge, you can still share your design from the group to your page.

Upload your design: Step by Step

Now that you know all these boring rules and you have created your character for the current challenge, you can finally upload your design in the group, let’s see how:

  • Go to the Facebook group of the Character Design Challenge
  • Press the ”add photo / video” button and then proceed to ”upload photos / videos
  • Upload your artwork from your device
  • Write any text and share any link you want in the caption of your post
  • Wait for us to approve your post in the group
  • Within 24hrs your design will appear on the group wall, you will receive a notification.


Passion for a common cause and selflessness are the glues that hold a good community together. Another glue is having a deep respect for others.

The Character Design Challenge group is a positive, easy going online community.  Behaving in a proper and polite way is an essential requirement if you want to be part of it, so please play nicely. 


We strongly encourage all the artists to be open for critiques. The Character Design Challenge can be a valuable training ground for those willing to improve their skills, especially the ones who are taking their first steps towards an art career. Critiques makes us better artists.

At the same time, it's also important to remember that to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the group, we need to be extra careful when we're commenting on the designs of another artist. Sharing a design with a large group of people to then be judged by others takes a lot of courage, especially for the youngsters. The last thing that someone needs is a rude and insensitive comment that  appears out of the blue in the comment section of their work.

This doesn’t mean that you can only like or congratulate another artist, just remember that, before writing a critique, it is important to learn how to deliver a constructive one first. In order to do so, we highly recommend to watch this video by the talented art teacher Matt Kohr, creator of Ctrl+Paint, who will introduce you to the useful concept of the ''Critique Sandwich''.

Also, don't forget to visit the Critique Video section in our website. Matt has created 6 short videos for us. Each of them explore 6 principles of design through the examples offered by some of the artworks submitted for our contest, in the past. Watching this short series is a great way to learn how to deliver, and how to receive, a constructive critique in the Character Design Challenge community.

Abusive Behaviour and "Art Hecklers"

Any member being abusive will be banned from the group. Same goes for any other kind of negative attitude or behaviour in the group, such as:

  • Questioning the very nature of the Rules of the CDChallenge (we ask you to read them before joining the group)
  • Behaving as an ''art heckler'' and rudely attack the artists for their creative choices
  • Any form of ''recreational outrage'' towards us or the artworks posted in the group (everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything that I don't like is fascist, and so on) 

All the above will also lead to a permanent ban from the group. We don't take these decisions lightly, but if negative, careless or nonsensical behaviour will force us to take action, we will do it. If you have been banned from the group and you wish to join in again, you can attempt to contact us HERE. We will evaluate your case and try get back to you at our earliest convenience. If we decide to let you join the community again, you will be asked to formally apologise to us and to all the members of the community with a public post in the group.

Group Jumpers

A ''Group Jumper'' is a member of the group who writes fake comments (or irrelevant ones with the help of a friend) on their own post to make their artwork ''jump'' on top of the group wall in order to boost the visibility for their work. Posts should go on the top of the group wall only when there's a genuine interaction with them and, since the group has thousands of members, we need to remind you that maintain a correct behaviour is essential to be part of this community. The members of the CDChallenge are luckily very touchy about this issue and they have the ability to flag to us anyone who attempts to do this in the group.

Group Jumpers are considered as SPAMMERS. If your post gets flagged to us by other members, and you get caught by us of adopting this kind of behaviour in the group, the consequences can be:

  • We will block the comments* on your post and you will be publicly notified about your behaviour.
  • We will ban you from the group, for a month. 
  • We will ban you from the group, permanently.
  • We will ban you and the friends who are helping you, permanently.

*VERY IMPORTANT Please remember that comments are usually blocked also on many other old posts in the group at the beginning of each challenge. We do this in order to keep the designs for the new challenge on top of the group wall. If you don't see any notification on your post don't worry! You didn't do anything wrong.


Please remember that the CDChallenge is just a game that we play all together for fun, despite our different artistic choices, drawing levels, styles, tastes and influences.

Having winners is part of the game. A little excuse to keep all the members in the community motivated and put more excitement at the end of every challenge.

The real goal of our community is not to win a contest, but to learn together, build our portfolio with artists from all over the world, promote our work, make new friends who share the same passion and contribute with our unique touch to a collective and fun character design exercise. 


Feel free to invite your friends and fellow artists to join the challenge today!

And now.. sharpen your pencils, LET’S DRAW!