Many members of our community have expressed the need to learn how to properly deliver a critique in our group:

  • What is exactly a Constructive Critique?
  • How can a design been improved?
  • What are the Principles of Design?
  • I'm new to digital painting, where can I start to learn?

That's why we invited a very special guest: the talented Matt Kohr

Matt is an American concept artist, a teacher and the creator of Ctrl+Paint, an incredibly useful website that provides an immersive online training program for both beginners and professional visual artists. All the short tutorials featured in the Video Library of Ctrl+Paint put a huge emphasis on art theory, have great practical tips to achieve results and are completely FREE.

With an approach similar to the one that he uses in his short tutorials on Ctrl+Paint, Matt has kindly created for us 6 Critique Videos that explores 6 specific principles of design through the examples offered by some of the artworks submitted in the Character Design Challenge group, in the past.

We hope that watching these videos will give you guys the ability to look at your own work, or at a fellow artist's work, and know specific things to talk about to improve it. If we can all learn how to give and receive a constructive critique in the Character Design Challenge community, we can all grow as artists and help each other like in a big family.

Critique doesn't need to be a scary thing, it's just a language we use to talk to each other and to improve our Art.

Critique Video List

Principle of Design Detail Distribution

Awesome artworks featured in the video by Marie Baud, Demongeot Mathias‎, Vicomte De Saucebrune‎, Nicolas Dechezelles‎, Tommaso Miele‎, Victor Debatisse‎, David Navarro, Chokesaurio Rex‎, Samuel Youn and Martina Petrova. 

Principle of Design Silhouette

Awesome artworks featured in the video by Frank Lin‎, Hugo Einheri, Nikolaus Hoppenthaler, Laurie Gami‎, Sherson Mantilla‎, Sam Moonskinned Lamont‎, Morgane Mattard Valery, Alex Muñoz‎, Seoro Oh‎ and Sandy Lee‎. 

Principle of Design Exaggerated Proportions

Awesome artworks featured in the video by Carissa  Renard, JC Kobal‎, Thibaut Denise‎, Andrew Doris‎, Camille Gautier‎, Benjamin Lagard‎, Curtis Rosenthal‎, Fogarasi Hunor‎, Pascal Phan‎ and Everton Caetano‎. 

Principle of Design Storytelling

Awesome artworks featured in the video by Maya Lior Pitzer‎, Edouard Heutte‎, Maita Mezi‎, Rémy Tornior‎, Mayan Engelman, Dan Saunders‎, Susette Reynor‎, Paulyn Bitinaitytė‎, Masson Clem‎ and Victoria Dimitrova‎. 

Principle of Design Implied Motion

Awesome artworks featured in the video by JenoLab, Joana Leal‎, Benjamin Guillon‎, Alexander Novoseltsev‎, Markus Erdt‎, Roxanne Baril-Monfette‎, Guilherme Almeida‎, Max Bacon‎, Soujoy Kumar Bhowmick‎ and Everton Caetano‎. 

Principle of Design Balanced Poses

Awesome artworks featured in the video by Tom Haidopoulo, Sytze Brommersma, Charlie Hamm, Mayan Engelman, Basil Malek, Amin Bouhizeb, Peter DM Greeves, Kiira Kalliomäki and Myrtille Pautet.