Digital Painting Reward 

Ctrl+Paint has brought hours of video tutorials!

Concept Art Starter Kit / Digital Painting Starter Kit

Over 12 hours of video tutorials created by Matt Kohr from! By far the most immersive, useful, and honest online training program and painting course on the Internet. This collections contains essential lessons for every digital painter and are especially crucial for beginners, there is a huge emphasis on art theory and great practical tips to achieve results. The tutorials will not be exclusively about technique, but they will also focus on mindset, ideas and how to turn them into final art. Each of these series offers assignments and drills, ranging from simple to complex. Get ready to practice! 


graphic Novel Reward 

Tatai Lab & Spaceman Project have brought four amazing books!

Lùmina Artbook / Yiot

Lumina's Artbook contains all the studies (character design, environment design, concept art, sketches, etc.) that led to the creation of the graphic novel Lùmina. The material in the book is ordered following a chronological idea, from the very first studies of the characters, up to the most precise definition of Lumina's world-building. This 120 pages book was created by the talented Italian artists Emanuele Tenderini and Linda Cavallini it’s a limited edition, once the copies are finished, this book will never be reprinted.

Yiot is a beautiful artbook of over 100 pages of pure madness and aesthetic creativity, printed in multricromia, and bound with the bodoniana stitching. A real jewel of art and print technology, embellished with an exceptional introduction by Maestro Igort. The book is a limited edition of 500 copies, numbered and signed by the author Linda Cavallini.


Brigada: Omnibus

The epic trilogy of the world famous Spanish artist and storyteller Enrique Fernández. The graphic novel tells the story of a veteran dwarf and his party against the forces of the cruel black elves. 

Synopsis: In a world overrun by war, seasoned captain Ivvro was chosen to lead an impossible and fierce BRIGADE, made up of convicts sentenced to give their lives in the battle against the dark elves. During battle, the squadron was swallowed by a strange mist, transported to a chaotic world very different than their own, and forced to survive as a group. Lost and scattered, they attempted to regroup and look for a way to return to their home. While imprisoned in this strange mist that alters the reality of everything in its wake, called the Voirandeer, they ran into beings who were just as lost as they were, and who were also trying to survive in this strange new land.

IMPORTANT: The final chapter is in development right now, so the Winners of the Graphic Novel Reward will receive the Brigada Omnibus book starting from July 2020!


Character Design Reward 

Masters Of Anatomy & 21 Draw have brought four amazing books!


Character Design Masterclass: Book One / Anatomy in Action

Two incredible books that will help you understand every step of the character design process, expand your design knowledge, create action poses and much more! Imagine being in a classroom made up of 130 of the world's greatest character designers, artists who have worked for Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Animation, Marvel and DC. Character Design Master Class: Book One aims to improve your ability to design meaningful and modern characters. Anatomy In Action will teach you how to create bold, electric poses coupled with realistic anatomy thanks to the dynamic poses examples created by a true master of line art and anatomy: Raul Moreno!


21 Draw: Book one / Illustrator's Guidebook

Two amazing books that will teach you about character movement and expression, line of action, figure balance, details distribution and loads more! Featuring the work of more than 100 giants of the entertainment and gaming industry,  top artists working for companies like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Marvel, D.C Comics, Rockstar Games, 21 Draw: Book One and Illustrator's Guidebook will improve your ability to draw hands & faces and will help you understand drawing perspective and backgrounds. With full in-depth tutorials and with over 1000 amazing character design references, the books will help you understand the importance of line weight, colouring, composition in your work and you will learn all you need to know to create amazing characters!


LEgal Notes

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