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Character Design References will promote the artists from the CDChallenge.. EVERY DAY!

GOAL 1: One artwork a day

In this day and age, building a following of fans on social media is essential for an artist. 

At the moment only 4 artists see their designs shared on the Facebook page of Character Design References: the 4 winners of the challenge. But how awesome would it be to see the work of more designers from the CDChallenge community promoted every month? How about every day? 

Our team is working on the ultimate gift for the artists of the CDChallenge, a unique initiative, specifically designed to support the entire community and celebrate all the great artworks submitted each month, in our group.

Our goal: to publish and promote a design submitted to the Character Design Challenge.. every day! 

Every day, your work can be selected and introduced to a very special audience: the over 500.000 fans of our Facebook Page, an international crowd of art enthusiasts, animation geeks and comic books fans invited by us to visit your own Facebook Page, Website, Portfolio or Online Store. Artworks posted on our Facebook page don't just reach a large audience once, like it happens in our group. but they stay available in the photo folder of our page for the years to come, easy to access by our visitors and carefully credited, just like we do for the artworks of our standard posts.

In order to make this happen, we will need your support.

To unlock the Community Reward we will need to reach our first goal on Patreon. With this kind of help from you, we will be able to cover all the basic costs of running the community and our website, and we will commit to the promotion of the artists of the Character Design Challenge. 

But there's even more!

There are 3 extra goals on Patreon that, if reached, will improve the Community Reward even more!



If we reach our second goal on Patreon, we will be able to cover ALL the hidden costs of running the community and our website and we will fully commit to the promotion of the artists of the Character Design Challenge. We will start to share 2 artworks, submitted to the Character Design Challenge, every day! 64 artworks promoted every month, 768 artworks every year! How cool is that!?

GOAL 3: Multilingual rules

The first 2 goals will already cover all the costs, therefore If we reach our third goal on Patreon we will start making some good investments to improve the experience for the members of the CDChallenge even more, especially the ones who struggle with the English language. We will hire a professional company to translate the rules for the Character Design Challenge in different languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Esperanto.. you name it! We will try to include the translated version of the rules, in our website on a regular basis, depending on the cost of the translation.

GOAL 4: Promotional Video

This would be our final goal, and if we would reach this incredible milestone with your support on Patreon, we will hire a company to create a promotional video that will feature all the the 60 monthly finalists of the Character Design Challenge. The video will be shared every month, on all our social media pages, at the end of each challenge. Videos reach an incredible number of people, especially on Facebook. The promotional video will contain the artworks, the author's names and the links to follow the artists' blog and pages. 

The Community Reward is your chance to support the community you love and ultimately,  improve it even more. We can do this together, the decision is in your hands :) 

Visit our Patreon page if you wish to help us reaching these important goals!

Digital Painting Reward: Unlocked!

Ctrl+Paint & KyleBrush have brought hours of video tutorials and hundreds of digital brushes!

Concept Art Starter Kit / Digital Painting Starter Kit

Over 12 hours of video tutorials created by Matt Kohr from! By far the most immersive, useful, and honest online training program and painting course on the Internet. This collections contains essential lessons for every digital painter and are especially crucial for beginners, there is a huge emphasis on art theory and great practical tips to achieve results. The tutorials will not be exclusively about technique, but they will also focus on mindset, ideas and how to turn them into final art. Each of these series offers assignments and drills, ranging from simple to complex. Get ready to practice! 

Your can find all the info about the video tutorials HERE 


Kyle's Ultimate: Megapack, gouche Set and Real Watercolors

They say a poor craftsman blames his tools. How many professional cellists use a pawn shop instrument? How many professional watercolorists use student-grade paints? 

Good tools do matter and as a digital artist, you deserve a painting experience that is as rich and beautiful as your creative vision. This collection includes more than 300 incredible custom Photoshop brushes created by Kyle T Webster from, an international award-winning illustrator who has drawn for The New Yorker, The New York Times , Nike, IDEO  and a teacher of Life Drawing, Portraiture and Digital Painting at the UNC School of the Arts. is the company behind the world's best-selling Photoshop brushes for professional illustrators, animators, and designers working at companies such as Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Laika, Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Blue Sky Studios, Tonko House, Google and Cartoon Network! 

Your can find all the info about these brushes HERE 


graphic Novel Reward: Unlocked!

Tatai Lab & Spaceman Project have brought four amazing books!

Lùmina / Lùmina 2

Two books, one story.  Get ready to travel in a long journey with Kite and Miriam, two children who find themselves thrown into a parallel, mysterious world. Created by the talented Italian artists Emanuele Tenderini and Linda Cavallini, the books have been rendered with the innovative Hyperflat technique and printed using Hexachrome, a special six-color coloring process.

Lùmina is not just a unique visual experience, but also.. an audible one. Musician and composer Remo Baldi has in fact created an original soundtrack to walk you through this incredible adventure.  All these elements combined together makes Lùmina one of the most well crafted (and original) graphic novels of the last decade. IMPORTANT: The Winners of the Graphic Novel Reward will receive both 'Lùmina' books starting from May 2017


Your can find all the info about the books HERE 


NimA / Nima: the Artbook

The brand new creation of the world famous Spanish artist and storyteller Enrique Fernández. The graphic novel tells the story of Nima, a Nymph who lives in the heart of an ancestral forest. 

Nima has reached adulthood and the time has come for her to take responsibility for the future of her species, to put into practice all she has been taught about the world of humans so she can seduce them, use them to perpetuate her race and then get rid of them. When she meets Awk though, everything change. He is different from what her sisters had taught her about men and she begins to have doubts. Will she be able to maintain the ancient traditions that ensure her survival of her people against her own feelings? IMPORTANT: The Winners of the Graphic Novel Reward will receive both 'Nima' books starting from July 2017

Your can find all the info about the books HERE 

Character Design Reward: Unlocked!

Masters Of Anatomy & 21 Draw have brought four amazing books!


Character Design Masterclass: Book One / Anatomy in Action

Two incredible books that will help you understand every step of the character design process, expand your design knowledge, create action poses and much more! Imagine being in a classroom made up of 130 of the world's greatest character designers, artists who have worked for Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Animation, Marvel and DC. Character Design Master Class: Book One aims to improve your ability to design meaningful and modern characters. Anatomy In Action will teach you how to create bold, electric poses coupled with realistic anatomy thanks to the dynamic poses examples created by a true master of line art and anatomy: Raul Moreno!

Your can find all the info about the books HERE 


21 Draw: Book one / Illustrator's Guidebook

Two amazing books that will teach you about character movement and expression, line of action, figure balance, details distribution and loads more! Featuring the work of more than 100 giants of the entertainment and gaming industry,  top artists working for companies like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Marvel, D.C Comics, Rockstar Games, 21 Draw: Book One and Illustrator's Guidebook will improve your ability to draw hands & faces and will help you understand drawing perspective and backgrounds. With full in-depth tutorials and with over 1000 amazing character design references, the books will help you understand the importance of line weight, colouring, composition in your work and you will learn all you need to know to create amazing characters!

Your can find all the info about the books HERE 


LEgal Notes

Character Design References™ is not responsible for any copyright infringement on part of the individual artists, our intent is merely to inspire others to create original works based on a common theme. For questions regarding specific pieces of artwork please follow the links for the website, portfolio or social pages provided by the author in the caption of the design posted in our Facebook group or contact directly the profile associated with it.
Artists participating in the Character Design Challenge must be a member of the Character Design Challenge group on Facebook.  Ensure you have read and fully understood the rules of the competition, the Character Design Challenge Terms of Use, the Facebook Terms of Use and the Patreon Terms of Use before entering an artwork for the contest. The Challenge Rewards are limited and exclusively available to the Supporters of the Character Design References™on Patreon

The Character Design Challenge is being organised and managed by Character Design References™. The Character Design Challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Patreon. By entering this contest, you agree to a complete release of Facebook and Patreon from any or all liability in connection with this contest.  The project partners and sponsors are listed on 

The Character Design Challenge Terms of Use can be read HERE