Art of Godannar

Godannar is an animation series produced by AIC and OLM, and directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka in 2003.  The pictures on this page are a collection of artworks created for this series.


In 2042, alien threats known as the Mimetic beasts laid waste to Japan. During a final battle against the Mimetic beasts, Goh Saruwatari defeats the alien "boss" and saves his future fiance, Anna Aoi, with his robot, the Dannar. Now, on their wedding day, the Mimetic beasts emerge after five years of tranquility. Goh and Dannar are called to action, forcing Goh to leave Anna at the altar. As Goh struggles in his battle against the Mimetic beast, Anna stumbles upon a sealed robot known as "Neo Okusaer"..